Iran, Tajikistan Discuss Ways to Deepen Tourism Ties


Tourism exchange, specialized tourism training, standardizing tourist facilities and centers, as well as the exchange of museum works and restoration of historical monuments were among the issues that the two sides discussed in Mashhad, the capital of Khorasan Razavi province, northeast of Iran, the provincial tourism chief said.

A roadmap for the development of tourism with Tajikistan is also planned to be compiled focusing on Khorasan Razavi, Seyyed Javad Mousavi explained.

Waiving visas between these two countries could also have a very positive impact on Iran-Tajikistan tourism, the official added.

Also discussed was attracting more Tajik health tourism to Mashhad, one of Iran’s medical tourism centers, he noted.

Mashhad, the capital of Khorasan Razavi province, is Iran’s holiest and second-largest city. Its raison d’être and main sight is the striking massive shrine complex of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Shia Imam.

Dozens of five-star hotels and hostels are dotted across Mashhad. The city has also the highest concentration of water parks in the country, and it also embraces a variety of cultural and historical sites that are generally crowded. The metropolis is also a good place to buy top handwoven rugs and carpets, and it’s a staging post for travel to Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and little-touristic Khorasan regions.

Before the coronavirus puts almost everything on lockdown, Mashhad played host to thousands of travelers and pilgrims who come from various Iranian cities, neighboring countries, and even across the globe to visit the holy shrine.

Source : Tehrantimes