Statement of Mamadboqir Mamadboqirov about injustice and lawlessness of officials in GBAO


I am Mamadboqirov Mamadboqir, resident of Khorog town.

For 30 years now, I am under constant pressure from this government. I do not understand why, what is my fault? Perhaps I am guilty for seeking some justice, perhaps because I can not keep silence, because I stand with my people. This is why they don’t like me.

Our youth is subject to constant oppression. Many have been killed and imprisoned. For 30 years they do not leave us in peace. Despite the fact that we are not seeking power or positions. We only wish to be left alone. But no.

In 2012 they came with 5000 troops. More than 24 civilians were killed, dozens injured. In 2014 they killed three more.

No one was punished for this, no one cared about the situation.

We are stranded in link in the jungle. We have no right to speech, no weapon. Not allowed anywhere.

Even though we are not the enemy of this state. Have always been loyal to the interests of our country and the president. This is our land, they should just leave us alone in peace.

This brutality is boundless. How can one dare to torture another human being by peeling off his nails? Tajiks are not brutal and merciless?

Your excellency — President, address our situation. Explain what is happening?

I have served this government in high rankings as unit colonel. I have done al lot for Murgab, assisted in opening the road with China.

However, they declared me an enemy and fired me. Solely because I caught 736 kilograms of drugs. That was my fault? Instead of thanking me and promoting me to general, you got rid of me because of I caught your drug. It belonged to the then governor of the region. People need to know this truth, this is why I considered guilty.

They have exhausted us to an extent that we have no longer desire to live. I don’t not understand what they want.

Now they demand my surrender. Why? What have I done? Am I member of some illegal groups like ISIS?

The current governor (Alisher Mirzonabotov) holds a personal grudge with me. Once he was my officer. I know too much about him, including about the rape he committed.

Now that he has received a position, he is wants to ensure I disappear. Why should I? I am a citizen and a law-abiding citizen. I have not even jay walked.

My fault is in my effort, with whatever capacity I have, to protect my ordinary people. They (officials) themselves are terrorist. They killed our youth and instead of being held accountable, they are now trying to frame and blame us. They want to put all the blame on me. But no! This is not supposed to be so!

My entire life I have had a relation of great respect towards the residents of Vanj and Darvaz. Now the reason for my arrest is due to a resident from Vanj.

It all began with his interview during which labelled me as terrorist, even though never in his life he has met me. He himself has been terrorizing teachers to issue statements against me. I gently explained to him to stop pressuring them. As a teacher, he should guide people rightly. Why does he need politics? But he instead twisted everything.

He himself does not know what he is doing.

They are cornering us. They are pushing us. Something needs to be done.

Before him, another person, also from Vanj, worked here. We treated him like brother, with respect. Provided him food, he never returned anything back to people. Even the dishes.

What has changed, what has happened to them?

I refer to the residents of Vanj and Darvaz. I have shared bread with you and have always been loyal to you. But now we are experiencing information warfare and I am being blackmailed. They want to accuse us in everything and expect our total silence, not defend ourselves. This is unacceptable.

You need to know, we will never give up our autonomy. Here, I am ready. Come and kill me. But we will not kneel to you.

Source : Zindoniyon