Afghanistan Exports Reach $1.9 Billion in 1401 (Solar Year)


The economic deputy PM’s office said that Afghan exports reached $1.9 billion in 1401 (solar year), and compared to last year have increased by 63 percent.  

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce said they will provide more facilities for traders.    

“Our biggest import was linen textiles from different countries, like China and Pakistan, and our greatest exports are coal, dry fruit, and carpets,” said Abdul Salam Javad, a spokesman for the MoCI. 

The National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) said that just in one month (Dalwa), domestic goods worth more than $176 million have been exported abroad, and the imports were less than $700 million in one month. 

“Restrictions on the banking system is the challenge that traders are faced with,” said Mohammad Halim Rafi, spokesman for the National Statistics and Information Authority 

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce and Investment said that transferring money from banks, and the high customs tariffs, are major challenges for merchants. 

According to the Industry and Commerce Ministry, in 1400 exports were $850 million.  

Source Tolo News