Sellers of Gold Say Sales Are Down


Some jewellers said that the gold market in Kabul has cooled down.  They added that due to economic challenges, people are not able to buy gold. 

“Our sales have decreased compared with the past, at the moment we have a lot of people selling their gold,” said Ferdaws, a jeweller. 

“People are faced with economic issues and can’t buy gold, but they sell their gold,” said Mohammad Edris 

Meanwhile, the jewellers’ union in Kabul said that gold sales have decreased by sixty per cent. 

“Gold sales decreased to 50 and 60 per cent because most of our countrymen have left the country,” said Mohammad Zakir, a member of the jewellers’ union. 

Kabul residents said that due to economic challenges, they sell their gold. 

“The economic situation is not good, and people are faced with these challenges and are selling their property,” said Abdul Basir, a Kabul resident.  

At the moment, one gram of 750 Egyptian gold is sold for 4400 Afghani, and most of the gold in the markets of Kabul enters the country from the United Arab Emirates. 

Source Tolo News