Switzerland in The World: Federal Elections and Our Daily Editorial Work


How do we choose topics at SWI swissinfo.ch? What new offers and formats are we working on? What Swiss-related topics are people reading? A quarterly behind-the-scenes newsletter on our editorial output and processes.

Although we are one of the most culturally diverse editorial teams in Switzerland, we sometimes lack outside views on Switzerland. That’s why your contributions to our debatesExternal link are so important.

How do we select topics?

We asked you, our readers, what you wanted to know about our work. One of the most frequently asked questions was how we decide which content gets published on the website. In this video SWI Editor-in-Chief Mark Livingston gives you the answers..

Overview of the 2023 federal elections

Do you find it difficult to explain the Swiss political system? We are constantly providing updates and new contributions on this topic, especially ahead of the October 22 federal elections. The big challenge is to explain the party system and the federal and consensus-oriented structures in a simple but comprehensive way.

Refresh your knowledge of the upcoming federal elections

Get in-depth insights via our explainer article in the SWIplus app:

👉 The Swiss parliament for beginnersExternal link

You can find many other election-related articles – from background information on the Swiss parties to the Smartvote guide – on our Swiss federal elections 2023 overview page.External link

Switzerland in the world

An integral part of this newsletter is giving you an overview of Swiss topics that people are following around the world. We want to cover not only the big headline issues, but also small but no less astonishing Swiss stories from different regions.

The ten-language media house at a glance

These changing times also mean fast-evolving media groups, including ours. While continuing to offer factually diverse content, we strive to develop our offerings on many levels.

Based on our performance mandate, SWI swissinfo.ch has been one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse editorial teams in Switzerland from the start. We have managed to implement a balanced gender ratio among our staff for several years. At the same time, we have still not attained our goal of gender balance among the experts in our articles and videos.

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