Ukraine’s Hero Hound Rambo is ‘true Fighter,’ as He Recovers in Hungary


A military dog who nearly died after a rocket attack in Ukraine is taking on a new job… at the police academy in Hungary’s capital city.‌ Four weeks into his training with the Budapest police canine unit, Rambo has already become the squad’s top dog.

‌The three-year-old German shepherd is a true fighter, according to his handler, who has worked with Rambo since his arrival.‌

“When he came to the training center after we adopted him, Rambo would just lay on the ground,” said Gylua Desko from the Budapest Police Department. “He was afraid of going down the stairs. We worked hard with him. He has lost those fears, and as you can see, he is ready to show his new skills.”

‌Almost a year ago, Rambo nearly lost his life while on patrol with Ukraine’s military in Kharkiv.

‌Shrapnel from a rocket attack blew pieces of his skull away, damaged his ear, and shattered his jaw. He needed emergency surgery to save his life.

“Rambo was in a lot of pain after the surgery. He was treated in Kharkiv with doctors rebuilding his jaw and removing teeth. They cared for him physically but also helped to restore his soul,” said Violetta Kovacs, who heads a German shepherd rescue group in Hungary.

‌Since the start of the conflict, she has rescued 10 dogs from Ukraine’s frontlines.‌

More intrepid testing for Rambo. /CGTN

‌When she met Rambo, she immediately grew fond of him and brought him to a rehabilitation center in Budapest. It was there she discovered how good Rambo was with children, and it became clear to her what his new mission should be.

‌Rambo’s combat days are behind him now. As a cadet with the Budapest police department, this courageous canine has a new mission: he will work in the department’s crime prevention program, teaching people to be more tolerant of those with disabilities.

‌”Rambo will soon be able to show after his training that even with his disabilities and age, he can become a police dog, he is giving us an example to follow,” said Desko.

‌One of Rambo’s duties will be to interact with children and disabled adults at police events and rehabilitation centers in Hungary.

‌His story of survival, perseverance and kindness has now made him world-famous.

Source : CGTN