Türkiye Makes Record-Breaking Q1 Exports to Poland


Türkiye has achieved its highest-ever first-quarter export value to Poland, totaling $1.43 billion (TL 27.70 billion), according to data from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM).

This achievement is a testament to Türkiye’s strong performance in the European market. The country’s exporters have been implementing effective strategies to increase market diversity and have achieved remarkable success in breaking export records not only in leading markets but also in emerging ones like Poland.

The country’s export figures to Poland for the first quarter showed an increase of 6.6% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Poland now accounts for 2.3% of Türkiye’s total exports and has been ranked as the 11th country with the highest increase in Turkish exports.

Moreover, the value of exports to Poland has enabled the country to rank 16th among the countries where Türkiye’s exports have increased the most in terms of value.

In the said period, Poland has shown a strong demand for industrial products from Türkiye. Among these products, the automotive industry has been the top performer, with exports amounting to $406.84 million.

Following the automotive industry, the sectors that have contributed significantly to Türkiye’s exports to Poland include chemicals and related products with $146.11 million, ferrous and non-ferrous metals with $128 million, electricity and electronics with $123 million, and ready-made clothing and apparel with $105.86 million.

The sectors with the least exports to the country are shipping, yachts and related services with $13,000, olive and olive oil with $61,000, other industrial products with $406,000, ornamental plants and related products with $1.07 million and aquaculture and animal products with $3.45 million.

The automotive industry has also been identified as the sector that made the highest increase in exports to Poland in terms of value during the first quarter. The exports of the automotive industry increased by $63.19 million compared to the same period in the previous year.

Following the automotive industry, the fresh fruit and vegetable sector has also shown a significant increase in exports amounting to $34.67 million. Electricity and electronics, hazelnuts and their products, and chemical materials and products were the other sectors that contributed to the growth in exports to Poland during the first quarter.

In terms of total export value, Istanbul has been the leading province with $587.48 million worth of exports to Poland, followed by the northwestern provinces of Sakarya with $156.78 million, Kocaeli with $119.13 million, Bursa with $105.16 million, and western Izmir with $98.75 million.

Source Daily Sabah