This Luxury Movie Theater Has Beds Instead of Seats


A movie theater in Switzerland is making the rounds online for its absolutely bonkers ‘VIP’ experience.

A Twitter account shared a video from the point of view of a patron’s visit to Cinema Pathé in Switzerland, a unique theater that provides luxury amenities for moviegoers. For $48.50, patrons receive access to a screening room that has eleven reclining double beds instead of seats. 

The beds come with phone chargers, an adjustable headrest, their own side tables for you to rest your drinks and popcorn. Each guest gets their own pair of slippers – and the popcorn and snacks, which includes waffles, crepes, and hot dogs, are unlimited. 

And if you think the bed thing is a little gross, don’t worry: they change the sheets after every individual screening.

In addition to the ‘bedroom,’ there’s an IMAX theater with 350 seats as well as single and double sofas.

There’s also a screening room that has bean bag chairs, a slide, and a ball pit. We’re assuming that this particular screening room is for children, but imagining watching Oppenheimer from the inside of a ball pit. Sounds like a good time to us.

Pathé, a European cinema chain, opened its Spreitenbach, Switzerland location in 2019. “We want to offer existing and new customers something innovative,” CEO Venanzio Di Bacco told 20 Minuten at the time. Business has been booming ever since.

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Source : Gamesradar