Switzerland’s National Day


On behalf of the United States of America, I send my warmest congratulations to the people of Switzerland today as you celebrate your National Day in honor of the anniversary of the founding of your confederation.

This year marks 170 years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the United States.  Our long friendship is based on shared values and interests, growing economic and trade ties, and robust security cooperation.  As in the past, we have worked together on some of the most sensitive and critical issues facing the world today.  Our cooperation is more important than ever as Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine poses the greatest threat to European security in generations.  Using sanctions and other enforcement measures, we must continue to stand together in support of the Ukrainian people as they defend themselves against Russia’s aggression.  Our countries have long and deep trade ties; the United States is one of the top destinations for Swiss investment and is one of the largest foreign investors in Switzerland.  We are also deeply grateful for your invaluable service as our protecting power in Iran, as well as for launching the Afghan Fund for the benefit of the people of Afghanistan.

A special congratulations this year for the 175th anniversary of Switzerland’s federal constitution.  Our constitutions and shared commitment to democratic values underpin the strong bond between our two nations.  I look forward to advancing our common endeavors on regional security, humanitarian assistance, and peace throughout the coming year.  Happy National Day!

Source : State.Gov