Switzerland Tests New Anti-Wolf Collar


An increasing number of livestock are being attacked by wolves in Switzerland as their numbers increase. Some environmentalists argue wolves are part of the natural ecosystem and therefore should be protected. However, many farmers object to having their livestock attacked. A new anti-wolf collar, that can be worn by sheep, goats and cows, may help to please both sides.

The collar, developed by Swiss researchers in the cantons of Vaud and Ticino, emits pheromones designed to repel wolves, reported RTS. The pheromone mixture is made from various plant extracts and produces an odour for three to four months. The odour is designed to mimic the scent left by other wolves. Wolves are territorial animals and tend to avoid territory marked by other wolves to avoid conflict.

The collar has been developed by Tibio, a company that has also developed biological products that can be used to clean up contaminated soil. 

The collar is currently being tested on 657 livestock across 23 alpine farms. So far only one animal wearing the collar has been attacked. The Vaud based cow that was attacked had only recently started wearing the collar at the time. Since then the entire herd has been fitted with the collars and no more attacks have occurred, reported the farmer of the herd.

Source : Lenews