Switzerland Saved Less Energy Than Hoped in Winter 2022-2023


While Switzerland largely met its goals to cut down on gas usage in winter 2022-2023, calls to save electricity were less well heeded.

From October 2022 to March 2023, gas consumption in the country fell by slightly more than the stated goal of 15%, RTS public television reported on Thursday.

The voluntary gas savings plan was set by the government in August 2022 as part of Europe-wide efforts. It largely involved urging households, industry, services and public institutions to turn down the thermostat, given that heating accounts for three-quarters of gas consumed in winter.

Voluntary switching of dual-fuel installations from gas to oil was also encouraged.

However, the aim of reducing electricity usage by 10% was not reached; by the end of March, consumption had dropped, but only by 4%, RTS said.

Green Party parliamentarian Delphine Klopfenstein told RTS that it was still important to do more to avoid future shortages. The government’s campaign to encourage savings, also launched last August, needed to be flanked by incentives and binding measures, she said.

According to the Federal Office of Energy, consumers should keep making an effort to voluntarily reduce usage this year, especially as price hikes on the energy market are only now starting to appear on end-user bills.

Source Swiss Info