Switzerland Reviews Post-pandemic Culture Funding


The Swiss government is drawing up plans to better distribute funding to support cultural activities in the country.

A CHF1 billion ($1 billion) budget has been earmarked to fund the culture ministry, the Swiss National Museum and the Pro Helvetia organisation that promotes Swiss art and culture.

The funds are to cover the four-year period from 2025 to 2028, it was announced on Friday.

“The Covid crisis was a key moment for culture in Switzerland: the interruption of cultural life was a reminder of how important culture is for coexistence in society and for people’s well-being,” read a government statement.

“[It] uncovered certain systemic weaknesses in the cultural sector, such as the precarious financial security of many cultural workers.”

Some of the funds will therefore directly target the financial well-being of people working in the cultural sector and to promote equal opportunities in the industry.

More money will be directed at the pre and post-production phases of cultural projects.

The culture ministry also wants to take better account of new digital and hybrid forms of production and distribution in its funding activities.

Source : SwissInfo