Switzerland Needs AI Regulation, Says Communications Minister


Switzerland needs regulation in the field of artificial intelligence, says the communications minister, Albert Rösti, in an interview published on Sunday in the NZZ am Sonntag. He also advocates setting up an appeals body.

The environment, transport, energy and communications ministry, which Rösti leads, will present a report to the government by mid-2024, the minister said. However, it is important not to hinder innovation in the field of AI, he added.

The Swiss People’s Party politician considers it a possibility to adopt regulations of the European Union (EU). “But, to tell the truth, this is a global issue”, he said, pointing out that the United Nations could also play a role.

Last week, Rösti took part in the first global summit on security linked to AI in the United Kingdom. He stressed the need to exploit the opportunities offered by this technology while also taking adequate account of the technical, geopolitical and societal risks.

“All the participants felt that the danger of disinformation was the greatest risk,” he said. For the media, the search for the truth is becoming even more difficult, he added. “We are currently discussing within the Federal Council how to meet these challenges”.

Source : SWI