Switzerland Faces Sharp Insurance Premium Increase


Swiss health insurance premiums are set to increase 6% in 2024. Some insurance premiums could see increases up to 10%.

Last year, Swiss health insurance premiums rose by an average of 6%. It is expected that premiums in 2024 will experience a similar increase. According to the online price comparison portal Comparis, some premiums could see an increase of up to 10%.

The federal health ministry reported that general healthcare costs rose by 2.6% last year. The increase in the first quarter, as published by the federal health ministry, is higher than that of the previous quarter, as stated in the Comparis overview.

“Without the politically enforced reduction in reserves, premiums would have only risen by around 2.5% per year and per person in recent years, and they would currently continue to rise within this range,” commented health insurance expert Felix Schneuwly, as quoted in the Comparis release.

Reasons for cost increase

Reasons for the cost increase include the Covid-19 pandemic, higher bureaucracy, the increased non-availability of affordable medicines, increased psychotherapies, the implementation of the nursing initiative, as well as an increase in treatments for uninsured individuals.

Prices to stabilise

However, these cost fluctuations are expected to stabilise. According to Schneuwly in the Comparis release, the cost of medical services covered by basic insurance will settle at around 3% in the coming years.

The definite price increase for health insurance premiums in 2024 will be announced in September.

Source : SwissInfo