Switzerland Beefs Up Defences Against ATM Attacks


Criminal gangs from other countries have been blamed for blowing up ATMs at a number of locations in Switzerland.

In 2018, four ATMs were blown open with explosives or gas but that number has steadily risen to 56 attacks in 2022.

“With its geographic and economic location, Switzerland is an attractive target for organised networks behind the attacks,” the Federal Police (Fedpol) said on Monday.

The Swiss authorities have had limited success in catching and convicting criminals involved in the attacks.

Police have therefore teamed up with banks, insurance companies and the stock exchange to beef up Switzerland’s defences.

“The participants of the meeting agree that the development of the situation in Switzerland is worrying and preventive measures are necessary – in particular to protect uninvolved third parties, but also to maintain the cash supply,” stated Fedpol.

“Additional preventive measures and close cooperation between public and private actors are required to make Switzerland unattractive to ATM attackers.”

However, Fedpol did not give specific details on what measures it is considering.

Source : SwissInfo