Switzerland Aims for Zero HIV and Hepatitis Infections by 2030


The government wants to eradicate new infections with the AIDS virus (HIV) and hepatitis B or C in Switzerland by 2030. 

To this end, the Federal Council has adopted the program “Stop HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C virus and sexually transmitted infections (NAPS)”.

This goal is in line with that of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Federal Council wrote on Wednesday. Hepatitis B and C are new additions to the prevention program. The first national program against HIV was launched in 1987.

The NAPS program is intended to particularly target those people who are at increased risk of such infections.

Everyone, especially younger people, should be made aware of the risks posed by these diseases and learn how they can protect themselves.

The programs also provide simple and low-threshold test offers. In addition, health insurance companies will cover the costs of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis for people at increased risk from July 1, 2024.

Source : SWI