Swiss Split Over Nuclear Power to Plug Energy Shortages


Just over half of all Swiss believe that nuclear power plants are important to prevent a shortage of electricity, according to a survey.

Of the 9,000 Swiss residents surveyed by the Sotomo Institute, 55% say nuclear power should be a priority to help resolve an energy crisis. The survey results, published on Monday in the daily Blick, showed that 64% of respondents are opposed to the closure of Swiss nuclear power plants by 2037, as demanded by the Green Party. In addition, 56% are “for or rather in favour” of the rapid construction of new nuclear power plants to secure the country’s electricity supply.

+ Decommissioning of first Swiss nuclear power plant is on track

Despite public support for nuclear power, it remains the third preferred choice in an energy crisis behind solar and wind power. Of those surveyed, 77% were in favour of solar installations on buildings and 74% wanted large wind turbines to help prevent an energy crunch.

Two-thirds of the Swiss surveyed also support the development of hydroelectric power in the Alps via large-scale projects. 

Source Swiss Info