Railbookers Offers New Switzerland Train Journeys


Railbookers has launched five new train journeys in Switzerland due to increased demand. 

There’s a seven-day Zurich and Lucerne itinerary that will include two nights in Zurich and five nights in Lucerne, where guests will experience a combination of the local trains, cable cars and funiculars.

The nine-day Swiss Mountain Peaks, the GoldenPass Express and Zurich takes guests to Lucerne, Interlakken, Montreux and Zurich. Guests on this itinerary will experience both the German-speaking and French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, Bern and Vaud, while onboard the GoldenPass Express, which follows the Aare River and passes through the Simmen valley. 

Similarly, there’s the nine-day GoldenPass Express and Swiss Mountain Peaks From Zurich, which starts with two nights in Zurich. 

There are also two 10-day itineraries, the St. Moritz, the Top of Europe and the Matterhorn from Milan journey and its reverse, the Matterhorn, the Top of Europe and St. Moritz from Zurich journey. 

Both will take guests through the heart of the Swiss Alps via Milan, St. Moritz, Interlakken, Zermatt and Milan. Guests will experience the Bernina Pass aboard the Bernina Express train from Milan to Tirana.

Source : Travelweekly