Niger: Eu Supports Repatriation of Citizens


Following recent events in Niger, France has requested assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to support the repatriation of EU citizens from Niger.

France has currently offered 4 aircraft for repatriation efforts from Niamey to Paris. 2 flights have already arrived in France, repatriating around 500 people. Further flights are under preparation. The mechanism will finance 75% of transport costs.

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism can be activated by EU Member States and the 9 participating states to request consular assistance to their citizens, for example in the context of evacuation operations.

In emergencies, repatriation flights coordinated under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism ensure the safe return of EU citizens of different nationalities. The European Commission facilitates the deployment of this assistance, coordinates the European response and co-finances transport costs.

Assistance is offered and deployed by EU Member States and participating states on a voluntary basis. The aim is to help EU citizens facing serious difficulties abroad in the event of a crisis or disaster.

Source : Civil