National Museum of Kazakhstan Sees Record-Breaking Visitor Numbers Since Start of 2023


Some 310,000 people have visited the National Museum of Kazakhstan since the beginning of this year, a record number considering 330,000 visitors recorded for the entire 2022, said the museum’s Acting Director Aibek Sydykov, the Culture and Sports Ministry’s press service reported on July 21.

“This indicates an increased interest in our people’s thousand-year-old cultural heritage and history,” said Sydykov.

According to him, the reason for a surge in the number of visitors this year is two new halls opened this April, including the hall of paleontology and the artisans’ center, which sparked the interest of guests of all ages.

The hall of paleontology displays the skeletons and remains of a tyrannosaurus rex, a hipparion horse, a large-horned deer, a giant rhinoceros Paraceratherium, a mammoth, and other animals from BC.

The artisans’ center exhibits various souvenirs and the best works of arts and crafts of Kazakh masters.

The museum collection was replenished with over 4,000 exhibits during the year’s first half.

The National Museum has hosted 22 major exhibits since the beginning of 2023, including four international ones.

A record high number of more than 47,000 people visited the museum in one day as part of the Night of Museums international campaign.

Source: Astana Times