Can’t Tell Sweden and Switzerland Apart? Sweden Has a Plan for That (or is It Switzerland?)


The two countries are regularly mixed up, because of vaguely similar flags and names.

Switzerland and Sweden are not the same country!

But it’s clear that some people get them confused, as Sweden has released a video addressing the issue.

“It’s time we make the distinction between our two nations as clear as day by deciding who talks about what,” VisitSweden — a government-owned company that promotes Sweden as a tourist destination — said in a video campaign released Tuesday.

Sweden’s proposal includes a list of reserved topics for each country: Switzerland gets to talk about watches, LSD (the drug was invented by a Swiss chemist) and cows, while Sweden is granted communications privileges on meatballs, moose and ice baths.

“As long as both tourism organizations stick to this division in all communication with the outside world, the confusion should come to an end,” Sweden’s proposal reads.

There’s no mention of Switzerland’s Ikea or Sweden’s Toblerone. No, wait…

Sweden and Switzerland are apparently regularly mixed up by foreigners — because of their vaguely similar names and flags with crosses on them.

In 2018, the New York Stock Exchange flew Switzerland’s red-and-white colors outside its building to celebrate the listing of Swedish tech giant Spotify.

Even world leaders aren’t immune to the confusion: In a speech at a NATO summit last year, U.S. President Joe Biden mistakenly mentioned Switzerland while addressing reporters about Sweden’s bid to join the military alliance.

Despite these regular slip-ups, the two countries have maintained friendly relations.

Slovenia and Slovakia were unavailable for comment.

Source : Politico