Around Half of Cyclists Wear a Helmet in Switzerland


Some 52% of people in Switzerland wear a helmet when riding bicycles, electric bikes and scooters or electric scooters.

This is according to the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) which conducted 44 surveys in the spring and at different times of the day, recording 3,123 people riding on two-wheels.

The helmet-wearing rate among electric scooter riders was the lowest at 14%. Of the more than 2,000 people with a bicycle surveyed, 46% wore a helmet.

On electric bikes traveling at speeds below 25 km/h, 68% protected their heads. Although helmets are required for faster electric bikes up to 45 km/h, some 8% ignored the rules.

When comparing the different parts of the country,  Italian-speaking canton Ticino appeared to be particularly safety conscious. Some 72% of riders wore a helmet there. In French-speaking Switzerland it was 52% and in German-speaking Switzerland 43%. 

Source : SWI