Aid or political interference? China finances NGO with links to Nepal former PM Oli’s party ahead of polls


Beijing: China has begun helping political organisations in Nepal. High-level sources speak of financial help from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to an NGO with political links. The payout is believed to be about one crore Nepalese Rupees. This is being seen by some as interference with the country’s political process.

The NGO has strong links with former Prime Minister K.P.Sharma Oli, president of the Communist Party of Nepal, the CPN-UML Some members of the NGO are contesting the polls as candidates of Oli’s party. The Chinese have good reason to support Oli for Nepal signed a crucial Transit and Transport agreement with China in 2015 when Oli was the PM.

This was, in effect, an attempt to find an alternative route for the supply of goods into Nepal, though any movement of goods through Tibet is a longer and more expensive proposition.

China has been trying to involve itself in strategic projects in Nepal. This includes building an opting fibre project linking towns like Galchi, Chitwan and Pokhara. Chinese Study Centres are also mushrooming in Nepal, a country of 30 million people. There are already 32 centres and there are plans for another 40-45 more in a few years.

The Chinese Embassy has also organised a scholars group as part of the Nepal Research Centre. This is to look into the political and economic situation of the Madhesi population of Nepal, who live close to the Indo-Nepal border. It will also look into the levels of education and employment of the Madhesis.

Source: Time Snow News