Rita Ora Wants People to Remember She Came to the UK as a Refugee


Rita Ora has explained why she wants to remind the public that she was a refugee before she became a global superstar.

The 32-year-old chart topper fled her native country Kosovo in the early 90s before seeking refuge in the UK.

After 10 years in the music industry, she felt it was important to spread positive refugee stories and remind everyone of where she came from.

She opened up about her past in a new interview with the Big Issue and recounted her travels to the UK before she made it big.

The pop star revealed: ‘At this point in my career – I’ve been in the game 10 plus years now – I felt it was important to remind the public, as well as myself, of the journey’.

Rita went on to say she wanted to highlight ‘people’s perception of a girl like me coming from a third world country like Kosovo, and yes, being a refugee and coming into the UK and my dreams coming true’.

Rita fled her native country in the early 90s (Picture: GettyImages)

The Let You Love Me singer chatted about her opportunities and noted the importance of cherishing everything she has been given thus far.

‘If I didn’t have the opportunity to move to London and my parents didn’t make that brave change, I wouldn’t be able to sit here and talk to [Norman Cook], one of my heroes, the famous face began.

She continued: ‘And on top of that, make music. I say to myself every day, I’m so fortunate and so grateful.

‘I know I deserve it because I work really hard. But there’s a lot of kids like me from where I’m from that it doesn’t really happen for. So I never take it for granted’.

Her words came ahead of her new collaboration with DJ and producer Norman Fatboy Slim Cook – Praising You – which will be an update of the star’s classic track Praise You.

Rita further commented on the state of immigration in Britain and said: ‘It’s incredibly hard to not be swayed when you see things being written every day.

Source Metro